Experience the Luxury of Custom Belgian Furniture.

Discover this unique collection of modular custom furniture exclusively available at Concept Lighting

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Belgium's Finest Custom Furniture, Now In Your Home.

Concept Lighting is proud to introduce Indera & Moome, a range of bespoke furniture from Belgium, to the Canadian market. Immerse in the elegance and comfort of European design, tailored to your taste and lifestyle. Enjoy the luxury of customization with this exclusive collection of modular seating designs..

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Craft your perfect comfort zone.

Experience the power of choice and create your ideal sofa with Indera & Moome's radical modularity. Bring your vision to life and interact with your furniture in a way that suits you best. Dive into an exclusive range of custom modular furniture from Belgium, brought to you by Concept Lighting.

Experience Flexibility with Customizable Furniture.

With Indera & Moome's modular furniture, you're not just buying a piece of furniture. You're investing in a product that evolves with your needs. Experience the freedom of flexibility and functionality at its finest with our interactive, customizable designs.

Experience the luxury of Belgian design.

Discover the charm and sophistication of bespoke furniture crafted with love in Belgium. Each piece uniquely designed, our modular furniture will not only elevate your space but also reflect your distinctive taste and style. Fall in love with it today at Concept Lighting!

Experience the blend of comfort and exquisiteness with Indera & Moome.

Discover Our Collection Now