The Hottest Lighting Styles of 2020

When it's time to liven things up, you'll want to add some of the hottest lighting styles. One of the most impactful changes you can make is to update your lighting. Lights naturally call attention to themselves unless hidden, and with them, you can completely change the atmosphere of a room. In fact, in some cases, updating the lighting is all you need to do to sweep away a bland, dim feeling and replace it with one that is bright and cheery. Here are 7 of the most stylish trends for 2020 to use as inspiration.

Soft Gold Fixtures

This finish works well with other colour trends of the year, such as grey and grey/beige. It's great for overhead lighting that accentuates the fixtures as well as the light, so it is expected to be popular in kitchens and dining rooms.

To do this look right, you should avoid the harsh, shiny look that was popular a few decades ago. Soft gold is highly brushed to take away its "brassy" effects and replace them with a subdued, calm feel.

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Refined Retro

The straight-up retro look is on its way out, replaced by this updated version featuring sleeker designs. Some describe it as "modern retro" - a look that has clearly been updated but just as clearly relies on days of yore for its inspiration. Metals are still king in this genre, and it works well with contemporary and modern decor.

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Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern Lighting Styles

A look at YouTube's furniture and fixture restoration channels hints at the resurgence of the mid-century modern style. Lighting fixture makers have woken up to this trend, and now it's easy to buy brand-new versions of these classics. Art deco items are also popping up on occasion, and have good popularity in certain areas. If you want a more relaxed look, go with the more-familiar mid-century modern style; for something more artistic and eye-catching, choose art deco.


LED Light Strips Used with Fixtures

Bare light strips, or rope lights, are out in certain areas of North America - but a new variation is taking the stage. Now, people are combining the strips with diffusers to gain the benefits of their brightness and efficiency while toning down their harshness and eye-grabbing properties. This not only makes them look better but also improves their usefulness in practical applications.

With this update, strips can impart all sorts of effects depending on how they are used - and they're being used in many ways. For hidden, soft lighting, use white lights and install the strips above diffusers that stop the eye from focusing on the light source itself. This setup is great over both kitchen and bathroom sinks. It's also useful in other areas where you want to look at some sort of work in progress.

LED strips are also good for safety lighting and as replacements for traditional nightlights. A low-brightness strip runs along the hallway or near a bedroom door makes trips to the bathroom safer and eliminates the need to turn on the main lights.

If you want a big, bold, effect, the versatility of LED light strips ensures that they are still good choices. Since the lights come in all sorts of colours, it's easy to create nightclub styles by combining them with boldly-coloured walls. For this use, they still work best with no diffusers between them and the viewers.

As you can see, LED light strips themselves are the trend in this case. Whether you're looking for a subdued, classy look or that party-house flash, you can get it with the right selection of strips.

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Starburst Chandeliers

These are based on a retro design, but they're unique enough for a separate mention. The eye will immediately be attracted to this fixture, which holds its lights at the ends of tubes or other protrusions that radiate from the center in a 3D pattern. A starburst fixture is great for getting that bold look in a room.

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Mounted Fixtures

This trend is very general, but it is one of the most widespread. Fixtures that mount to the wall or ceiling are replacing table lamps as people seek to maximize usable surface areas. Many of these can accept LED bulbs, and it's a good idea to look for them. The exception is the traditional chandelier style, which usually uses incandescent bulbs with fancy shapes. Such bulbs are still available in most areas.

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Floor Lamps

One of the most affordable ways to add lighting to an area is to bring in a floor lamp or two. They leave all of the tablespace free, and their height makes them great for use as reading lamps. Updated retro styles are trending, as is the modern look. As with other fixtures, subdued colours are hot.

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Show Your Style

These are just some of the ideas you can consider as you think about updating a room or an entire house. If you're planning bigger updates, you should definitely think carefully about the lighting and the best possible looks. By considering it before you start, you'll be able to avoid problems like unwanted shadowy areas, fixtures that don't match the rest of the decor, and other design issues. You'll also ensure that you have plenty of time to compare the available styles before the work starts.

To get the best possible selection, avoid relying on your electrician or other contractors to show you styles. Instead, seek out lighting fixtures on your own. When you decide on the ones you want, buy them and let your contractor do the installation. This will ensure that you have the styles you really want, without giving up the chance to have a professional put them in.

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