How to Choose Bathroom Lighting


How to Choose Bathroom Lighting? Know Your Space!

Excellent bathroom lighting is critical for doing your morning routine. Yet, without careful thought, you can end up with shadows near the mirror that make it very hard to see what you're doing. How can you prevent this problem without using ugly fixtures? To know how to choose bathroom lighting that works best for your space, here are some tips and ideas to consider:




Try Wall Sconces Near a Small Vanity

Wall sconces come in a wider variety of designs than bar-shaped lights, so they're great upgrades to a smaller vanity area. The key is to make sure that the light from each one is bright enough to overlap the pool of light coming from the one(s) on the opposite side of the vanity. If your mirror is too wide to get full coverage from wall sconces, skip them and go for that bar-shaped fixture.

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Use a Light Bar for Wide Mirrors

Light bars aren't the latest thing, but they are very effective for getting even lighting across the length of a long mirror. Function is more important than form when you're using the light to apply makeup, do your hair, or shave. That said, light bars don't have to be ugly. Choose a style that won't be out of place as a component of the rest of the room.

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Light the Rest of the Room with a Stylish Chandelier

Ceiling lights don't have to be boring. A fancy chandelier with multiple decorative light bulbs will illuminate the majority of the room with style. These fixtures are available in designs ranging from antique to ultra-modern, so it's easy to get the perfect one.

Put Lighting Over the Tub

If you have enough ceiling height, you can put a light in this area to make it easy to see what you're doing as you bathe. Building codes typically require that these lights be high enough to keep you from contacting them when you're standing in water, so you generally need ceilings at least 8 feet high.

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For Tubs and Showers with Low Ceilings, Use Waterproof Lighting

Those who don't have high bathroom ceilings aren't out of luck. Some fixtures are rated for use in wet or damp areas, and all of their electrical components are safely housed behind enclosed covers. These often take the form of wall sconces. Use them to light up your low-ceiling tub or shower.

Use Small Fixtures to Highlight Art

Many people hang pictures or place small sculptures in their bathrooms. Upgrade the look with small fixtures that shine light directly on these items. The effect looks great even if the rest of the room is already bright. Just make sure the spotlit area is a bit brighter yet, so it's easy to see that those lights are on.

Put a Light Border Around the Mirror

For a modern look, make the mirror recessed. Then use soft white fixtures that contain LED light strips to provide the illumination. Run one at the top and at the bottom for good, even lighting. The length of the strips and doubling of the light create a very dramatic look.

Add a Designer Shade to the Central Room Lights

Most fixtures used in this area either have bare, decorative bulbs or plain soft-white shades. Upgrade to a designer shade to get a more interesting look and better match the rest of the decor. Just make sure to choose a shade that still lets plenty of light through.

Add Some Accent Lighting

Not all fixtures have to produce bright light. Pendant lights provide little dots of illumination that can bring a "dreamy" or "fantasy" look to select parts of your bathroom. While you will still need bright lights for your morning routine, these smaller ones are great when you want to soak in the tub and just relax.

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Put in a Dimmer Switch

You won't always want full brightness in your bathroom. This is especially true if you've had to use it in the middle of the night. A dimmer switch makes it easy to have enough light to see your way, but not so much as to make you fully wake up. It's even better if you set up your lighting so that you can turn on the central lighting without also activating your bright vanity lights.

Try 3-Way Fixtures

Three-way fixtures are another option for controlling the light levels in your bathroom. They use special bulbs that can run at one of three light levels. While their light doesn't change on a sliding scale, it can be easier to find three-way bulbs and fixtures than dimmable ones.

Choose a Theme for Your Bathroom

From a design perspective, having a theme for a room makes it easier to create a cohesive, planned look - but the benefits don't end there. You can make every trip to the bathroom seem like a little getaway by choosing the right theme. Spa themes, resort themes, beach themes, and tropical themes are all popular. Choose one that has personal meaning to you for the best effect. Then you'll easily think of ideas for all of the elements of the bathroom as well as the lighting.

Decide if You Want Your Fixtures to be a Prominent Part of the Design

Light fixtures naturally draw attention thanks to the light they produce, but that doesn't mean that the fixture itself has to be the focal point. If you're not thrilled with the idea of using big, obvious chandeliers and wall sconces, go ahead and go for the more subdued options like recessed can lighting. As long as they put enough light right where you need it, they can be supporting players in your overall design.

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