How Lighting Can Transform Your Space

If you are looking for simple upgrades for your space, don't forget the power that the right lighting can have. The right lighting will set the mood, and even enlarge the look of spaces in your home. Ambient lighting will create more options for entertaining and rooms can be set up for various purposes you might need space for. If you can add choice lamps and lower lighting schemes to your overhead lighting setup, you can be strategic with different lighting levels and have completely different mood options for certain areas of the home. Here are some ways you can utilize lighting to transform your space.

Lighting Pointed Towards the Ceiling

There are tricks you can do with lighting to make a ceiling seem higher and give a small space more depth. Instead of relying only on track or recessed lighting, you can use additional wall lighting or floor lamps so that light can be pointed up toward the ceiling. This will bring more brightness to a space overall. It will also take away unwanted shadows, and won't be as oppressive as direct light from ceiling lighting. Bringing in more dynamic options to complement overhead lighting will give you the option to have a lot of light when you need it, and a strategic lighting scheme that makes your space look its best when entertaining.

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Combining Functionality and Mood

It's a good idea to strike a balance in your home when it comes to lighting. Depending on how your rooms are laid out and used, you may want to have two lighting setups in the same space. Setting the tone in a specific space really can affect one's mood, and working to achieve the right feel for your space can be done with both lighting and color schemes.

Accent Lighting to Showcase Featured Items

If you have items in your home you would like to highlight, take advantage of lighting to do this work for you. This could include pieces of art, fireplaces, or even items on your coffee table. Lighting can make for a simple solution and can bring a dramatic look to specific areas of your home. Smaller, directional lights that can be adjusted and pointed where you want them to, and help transform your space.

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Lighting to Work With Different Timeframes

Whether your home's mood and lighting changes throughout the day or even season by season, lighting that can complement and also compensate for changes. Manipulating your lighting scheme can be easy to achieve with a little creativity. While your front room might be flooded with light in the springtime, if this becomes more shadowed in the winter months, having lighting along the walls or lamps you can bring in to compensate can give spaces the same feel year-round. If you have a room that is well-lit during the day but falls into the shadows once the sun goes down, utilizing side lamps, standing lamps, and lamps next to mirrors can bring a nice evening glow to your home.

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Brightening up Dark Corners and Narrow Spaces

While overhead lighting can be a great way to brighten up spaces, sometimes this can be hard to reach in corners and alcoves. Lighting combined with mirrors can add another dimension by enhancing space together. A great way to bring more light to bedrooms and bathrooms can be with lights attached to or pointed at mirrors. This can help avoid shadows in the bathroom and provide warm, but targeted, lighting where you need it. A cleverly placed floor lamp or wall light can make sure all areas of your home are lit and don't fade into the shadows - which might make rooms look smaller than they really are.

Non-Traditional Lighting Ideas

Even if your home is smaller, this doesn't mean you can't add dimension with non-traditional light options. This might include backlighting shelving or a hutch in the dining area. If you have a long hallway, mid-level lighting facing the floor can serve as a night light, and open up smaller spaces in your home. Think about creative areas in your home that could use a little light, like a back-lit bar, or underneath cabinets.

Lighting Options for Outdoor Spaces

Don't forget that simple lighting upgrades outdoors can make for an inviting atmosphere when it comes to outdoor entertaining. Functional lighting at entryways, and along the side of your home doesn't necessarily need to be utilitarian. Tasteful wall sconces can provide just the right amount of light to keep walkways well lit. You can get a little more creative when it comes to entertaining areas and ambient lighting options. Sometimes simple string lighting might be all you need to set the tone for a romantic atmosphere on your patio.

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Looking for Ways to Transform Your Space with Lighting?

There are plenty of simple upgrades that can dramatically change the look and feel of your home just with lighting. If you are looking for the perfecting lighting options and upgrades for your home, contact one of our design professionals. We'll work with you to determine the best lighting options to make your home shine.