Choosing Dining Room Lighting

From home to home, no two dining rooms are exactly alike. Families will naturally choose furniture that suits their personalities and how they prefer to use the space. This variation makes perfect sense when you remember that not everyone dines the same way either. Some families come together every evening for a shared meal while others eat together only when their schedules allow. Some families reserve the dining room for formal dining, while others have their dining tables doubling as a home office.

Dining rooms can be sparse or decorated, but one thing that matters in every dining room is the light fixture. Anyone who has lived in a poorly lit home knows just how important the right fixture can be. The question is, which style of dining room lighting is right for you, your family, and your dining room?

Fun and Modern

Currently, the most popular style of dining room decor and use is a bright, airy design. Modern dining rooms tend to have lighter chairs rather than the heavy traditional wooden chairs. They tend to be far more brightly lit with an artistic light fixture, rather than a traditional crystal-dripping chandelier. Instead, you might be more interested in a collection of individual mini-pendant lights that form a dynamic starry pattern above your dining table. A dimmer switch can be used to fully illuminate the room, or lower the lights for more intimate settings.

Soft and Formal

Of course, you don't have to go modern if you don't want to. Many people adore the look and feel of a traditional dining room with dark wood tones. There are several styles of elegant traditional dining room chandeliers and fixtures and your preference is likely to be strongly influenced by the chandeliers you saw as a child. Whether you like dripping crystal or candles in wrought iron, a formal style will make dinner time special every night.

Deep and Moody

Some people like their dining rooms moody with or without the traditional wood tones and china cabinets. Moody dining rooms are preferred by people who like to eat their supper quietly while reflecting on the day's thoughts. Perhaps you eat alone or with an equally thoughtful romantic partner. A moody dining room is often painted in dark colours. You may have a heavy older dining set, and you're likely love the look of beautiful glasses and dishware in this setting.

Naturally, the right light fixture matters a great deal if you like to 'set the mood' for dinner. A dimly lit candle chandelier might be the right approach, or a softly glowing orb hanging subtly above the table. Moody dining rooms are also well suited for fabric cylinder shades on pendant lights, allowing you to further control the colors and textures in your carefully created environment.

Bright and Functional

The dining room might not be a formal location, but it's still a hub of family activity. Homework gets done at the dining table, parents sort mail or pay bills, and small children can do crafts. If this sounds like your family, then dimly lit chandeliers just don't provide the amount of light you need for the constant family activity. In many cases, an active household is better off with bright canister lights recessed into the ceiling and spaced to provide clear even lighting to the entire room. These are often also paired with a nice semi-flush pendant lamp hanging above the center of the table for the rare formal conditions.

Choosing the Right Dining Room Lighting

You're looking for something beautiful, suits your current dining room decor, and that provides the right kind of light. This could be a classic pendant lamp, a sparkling chandelier, or even an elegant combination of wall sconces with a matching mini-chandelier. What is the right dining room lighting solution for your home and family? Only can know for sure, but we'd be delighted to talk to you about your vision. For more information, contact us today!

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