7 Ingenious Locations For a Wall Lamp

One of the best things about being a homeowner is the ability to completely customize your house. Rather than a place where many people could potentially live, your home is your castle. It should reflect the personality, lifestyle, and preferences of you and your family. In addition to fun things like paint colour and decor, one of the most profound things you can change about a home to personalize it is the lighting. While many homeowners take the time to replace the house's light fixtures with something they like better, few think to add new light fixtures where they are most needed.

Let's face it, there are always a few inconveniently unlit places in any home. You can probably think of one or two right now. Sometimes there is light provided by your ceiling fixtures, but it's simply not enough to reach the corners or properly illuminate a work surface. In other places, utilities and plumbing are often left in deep shadow because homeowners aren't expected to use these areas often. But why not?

While ceiling lighting is the residential standard, when it comes to providing ample light to a tight space, nothing is better than a wall lamp. If you were considering renovating your home lighting situation this year, we've got a few fun suggestions for wall lamps that could significantly improve the lighting situation in key areas most homeowners overlook. Here are 7 ingenious locations for a wall lamp.

1) Beside Your Desk

Homes are traditionally lit from the ceiling which provides enough light for most tasks. However, detailed paperwork, homework, and even computer work can require a much brighter and more concentrated light than the bulb in the ceiling fan can offer. While many choose to give some of their desk real estate to a table-top lamp, as a homeowner, you don't have to. Instead, consider installing a swing arm lamp into the wall itself near your desk. This can provide you with a sufficiently bright light for detail work, adjustability for working on various areas of the desk, and the ability to push it back if you would prefer a softer light.

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2) Above Garage Shelves

Building shelves in your garage is a great way to store your woodworking and auto maintenance supplies along with all the other random family items that wind up stored out there. However, if you have more than one layer of deep shelves, a problem arises that most homeowners don't see coming. A deep shadow. Because most garages are lit by a single ceiling lamp, the top shelves will cast a surprisingly deep and wide shadow over the lower shelves making the things you store there more likely to be forgotten or missed even with the lights on.

An interesting solution to this is to install small and sturdy wall lamps just below the upper shelves. Chosen correctly, you only need a few to illuminate all your items clearly. You might be surprised how much easier it is to get your garage organized when you can see your shelving.

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3) Beside the Fuse Box

Fuse boxes are not always put in convenient or well-lit places. Anyone who has lived in several different homes can attest that sometimes the fuse box is shrouded in the shadowy part of your garage or utility closets where seeing the fuses is a lot harder than it needs to be. If you have trouble finding your fuse box or flipping a blown fuse even though you know exactly where it is, the right answer could very well be a wall lamp next to the box. You might even consider establishing a separate tiny circuit so the light stays on unless the entire house goes out. This will make it a lot easier to both find and manage your fuse box.

4) In the Attic

Is there enough light in your attic to see and navigate comfortably by? We didn't think so. The vast majority of home attics are sorely under-lit to the point of being dangerous even to move around with the boxes of old sweaters and toys. Even if your attic is mostly beams without walls, wall lamps can easily be secured to the beams themselves as long as there is safe wiring to power them. Only a few wall lamps can make a significant difference in the safety and utility of your attic.

5) Next To the Light Switch

There seems to be an unspoken rule in homebuilder code that dictates every house will have at least one light switch that is inconvenient to get to in the dark. Perhaps your living room lights are far from the front door or your bedroom light switch is far from where you've placed your bed. If you are regularly finding yourself stumbling to one particular light switch in the dark, consider the value of a single wall lamp next to or above this elusive switch. With one additional switch to keep this light on when the others are out, you can install a low-wattage bulb that will guide you to the switch when the rest of the room or house is dark.

6) Above the Flower Beds

Flower beds and flowering shrubs planted along the outside of your home can be a beautiful addition to your landscaping, but few homeowners think about the security implications when planting bushes and shrubs. If a plant is large enough to hide behind, there is a certain possibility that someone will try to do so in the pursuit of other nefarious goals. Fortunately, there's a way to keep your shrubs and improve your security at the same time. Simply illuminate them.

Wall-mounted outdoor lights set just above and, more importantly, between your flower bed shrubbery can significantly increase the safety of your home against both burglars and teenagers sneaking out (or in) because there are far fewer shadowy places to hide in.

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7) Under the Sink

Depending on the health of your plumbing and drains, you may or may not be very familiar with the underside of your bathroom and kitchen sinks. However, one thing is for certain. When you do have to get down there, it almost universally requires a flashlight. Of course, only true plumbing professionals ever master the art of holding a flashlight and wrench at the same time. Rather than fumbling for light during your DIY sink repairs, a small wall sconce mounted on the inside of your cabinetry under the sink can provide all the light you need hands-free. It's odd, no one else will have one, but you can't deny that it's also very useful.

Whether you're thinking about fully replacing your home light fixtures or just bringing a little illumination to dark spaces, Concept Lighting Group is here to help. For more ways to build the perfect lighting solutions for your home, contact us today!

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